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Ironback Postural Aid

Ironback Postural Aid

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Crafted in collaboration with Sports Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, Ironback is more than just a product – it's a science-backed solution.


Ironback Postural Aid

Extra Small:83 x 90cm


Medium 97-101cm


Extra Large107-112cm

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Ironback Introduces

Elevating Your Performance, Comfort, and Confidence

Ironback is a revolutionary support solution designed to empower individuals across various activities, providing a range of benefits that enhance performance, promote comfort, and instill confidence.

Precision Posture Support

Ironback revolutionizes support with precision posture control. Anchoring from the biceps, it activates the scapula, ensuring an optimal posture for success in sports or daily life.

Versatile Multi-Sport Application

Developed with experts, Ironback is a versatile solution for golf, baseball, powerlifting, esports, and daily living. It enhances core stability, improves posture, and fuels confidence across diverse activities.

Proven Performance Enhancement

Proven to enhance performance, Ironback increases shot consistency by up to 15%. Seamlessly integrating with natural movements, its precision engineering makes it a reliable ally for optimizing performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gareth Jones - PGA Member, Japan National Team Head Coach
Ironback's Impact on Player Well-being

I was first introduced to Ironback at the Australian open in 2019. What I was really impressed with is the ease and simplicity of putting it on. It's very comfortable, especially wearing it for long periods of time. It suits all ages and genders and it's very safe for the players to use as well. It promotes lower body use, so you use the entire body.

Warwick Dews - Head Teaching Professional, NSW Golf Club.
The Game-Changer for Golfers

What I like about the product is it's simple, non intrusive design. Ironback is comfortable for long periods of time and helps coach the ability of players. It's safe to use for all ages, genders and swing types. Players have experienced improvements in ball striking and shot dispersion by up to 15% in a short amount of time. Off centre hits are a more consistent distance and it aids with player positioning and promoting lower body torque rather than arm speed. I highly recommend Ironback to all golfers and golf coaches looking to improve their swing and enjoy the game more.

Thor Le
Ironback's Active Rehabilitation Support

Introduced to Ironback a year ago for shoulder and upper back rehabilitation, I've since applied it to numerous individuals. What stands out is its active approach, allowing patients to rehabilitate the shoulder actively rather than passively. The slimline and comfortable design serves as a constant reminder to maintain the correct position. Notably, I've successfully obtained approval for its use with work cover clients, making it a practical choice for practitioners seeking effective rehabilitation solutions.

Wayne Dickie

holds my shoulder posture, minimal slumping forward on shots and hitting miles behind the ball.